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I have written a number of inspirational books with the grandest of passions and the divinest hopes that they will elevate your character and lift you upon a higher plane of thinking.

Reading rouses enthusiasm, spurs ambition and awakens slumbering possibilities. The great use in reading is for self-discovery, inspirational, character-making and life shaping.

Please lay hold of my books and read them; they will broaden your mind, refresh you, and help you grapple with the difficulties of life, inform you, improve you and give any discouraged soul a majestic uplift. Take an intellectual bath right now right here!

Command Your Future KES 650.00 ($6.50) each Buy Book
I Want Me Back KES 500.00 ($5.00) each Buy Book
Fruitful & Quality Life KES 250.00 ($2.50) each Buy Book
The Maze of Maculinity KES 500.00 ($5.00) each Buy Book
Top Positioning KES 250.00 ($2.50) each Buy Book
Academic Excellence KES 200.00 ($2.00) each Buy Book
The Trick Of Life KES 500.00 ($5.00) each Buy Book

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