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From the cradle to the grave, everything you will ever need, has already been given to you for all the maximum living you are capable of to your utmost satisfaction. Unfortunately, many believers of the Bible have nothing to write home about being kingdom citizens. Their excursion through life is one characterized by unending struggles, frustrations and disappointments.

In this book, Kigwa Stephen unveils for you REVOLUTIONARY Kingdom truth that will turn your life around. This book, much like a surgeon’s scalpel, will peel off any blindfold of religious mind-sets that inhibit you from living your life to the fullest. It places into your hands, the access codes to live a life of splendour.

This book will arm you with the LEGAL TECHNICAL KNOWHOW on how the Kingdom of God operates and show you how to legally activate, apply and appropriate the blessings and the promises of God into your life.


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