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For men, our strength, our nature, our identity our masculinity and pride is deeply rooted in our ability to earn a living and be a provider. If we can’t provide an ‘acceptable’ standard of living for our family and those we care most about, we feel like a failure. Most men sink into depression if they can’t find a way out after losing a job. We are so closely involved with our finances that we become so attached to and possessive over the money we receive. After all, we work so hard to earn it, we say to ourselves. For most people, money has replaced God as their security.

We feel as if we can handle any situation as long as we have money. We have a temporal, shallow feeling of security when we have money in our pockets. If we don’t have money, we feel we are in need.

It is not so much that we love money itself; it is that we love the feeling of security: We love the feeling of control, power and pride that money produces. These feelings replace our need for and dependence on God and give way to the controlling power of greed. We become involved in the ‘love of money’ that the Bible warns us about. The plague of greed has wrecked great havoc in marriages, families, governments and the society than many people are willing to admit. If we can believe God for eternal security, why can’t we believe Him to provide for our needs? Things that seem more abstract in nature are easier to believe for because we have less control over them.

Once we have some level of control in a matter, we want to oust the control out of God’s hands and it becomes subject to our pride and selfishness. Instead of being God centred, we become self-centred.

To get an indepth understanding into the world of men, get yourself a copy of my book titled, ‘The Maze of Masculinity’. In every way, this book is a story of men, by a man, to shape men. This is a book for men and boys that every woman, mother or girl should read to have a glimpse into the world of men and boys from a man’s perspective. Women are invited into our conversation because they need to hear what we have to say about us. Most of what women think that they know about us is false. Most of our women have been taught about men by their fellow women who have lost the men in their lives. The perception of masculinity from a woman who has lost her man is polluted and


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