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  • Igniting you to recognition!
  • Igniting you to recognition!
  • Igniting you to recognition!

  • Kigwa Stephen

    Kigwa Stephen helps professionals, business leaders, executives and managers with inspired education for successful living. He helps people in life change, career change, thinking change and attitude change. He provides practical tools and motivation guaranteed to help you achieve your greatness. He teaches people how to live, how to assimilate and accumulate far greater treasures than just a pay cheque; the treasures of awareness, understanding, setting goals, reaching into the future, growing, changing and expanding. Kigwa helps people nurture their dreams, ideas, gifting and talents. He helps people to make the most out of their excursion through life by figuring out ways to live uniquely.

    Kigwa has a rare ability to relate to your problems, sympathize with them and then advise you on their solutions as a wise old friend would. He is not the typical speaker that you want, but the speaker that you need. Stephen Kigwa is the speaker that other speakers go to when they need inspiration. He speaks from experience and over the years, he has been recognized internationally for his outstanding contribution to the training and development of individuals and corporate.

    ...Awakening your potential...

Thursday, 26 October 2017 09:37

Praying For Kenya

Written by

Far be it from me to ever stop praying for the well-being of my beautiful country Kenya.

I am calling upon you as well, both men and women from all the villages, towns and cities in this nation to lift up a prayer before the Glorious Father of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.

“O LORD, you are the LORD our refuge, and you richly bless all those who call on your name. May my supplication and cry come before you. Let your lamp shine upon Kenya and lead us to walk by your light through darkness. O LORD, in your love, keep us from the pit of destruction. Do not let our hopes be dashed. In your righteousness, bring us out of trouble.

Sustain our nation according to your promise. Uphold us and we will be delivered. Let there be no cry of distress in our streets O LORD. Do not strip Kenya of its honour. Do not uproot our hope. Do not shroud our paths in darkness. Bestow upon us the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. Rule over and still any surging sea against this nation LORD. Let your purpose concerning this nation stand LORD. Bring about what you have said concerning Kenya.

If you keep talking the way you have always talked, you'll always get what you have got. I would like to invite you to check out an amazing vocabulary that will usher your relationships, career and business into a new dimension.I promise that if you join us on 4th November for the Not Ashamed November Edition, you’ll learn how to turn a three letters vocabulary into a powerful tool that will give you results you never dreamed of before. This three letters vocabulary has been regarded as the most ‘lethal’ weapon that will bring you rapid change in both your professional and private life. When you learn how to use this vocabulary, your confidence will skyrocket. Your timidity and negative beliefs will vanish. You don’t want to miss out! Make your seat reservation today. You can get fuller info on the upcomig events tab under the Navigation panel.

Monday, 23 October 2017 09:48

Life’s control valve

Written by

Many people and perhaps that includes you, get stuck in life and blame everyone else but themselves. They blame the government of the day, the economy, the weather, the position of the moon in the sky, their parent and their spouses. The fact is that you are in control of your life. Well, that doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee that you will wake up alive tomorrow from your bed. You could die before tomorrow, so you had better have a life today. When you wake up every day, make a deliberate CHOICE to be an active participant of your own evolution. You are where you are today because of your own decisions, or lack of them.

Wherever you find yourself in life is the direct result of the choices you have made and/or lack of choices in the past. What you do for a living, how you react to every situation and where you live are squarely choices that you have made. You have control over every choice you make. If you don't like the results you are getting out of life, then that could be a clue that you need to focus on making better choices. For instance, if you don’t like where you live, you can choose to move away; you are not a tree.

Thursday, 28 September 2017 09:17

Money Grows on Trees

Written by

While I was growing up, my wonderful parents did not have a lot of resources and they kept telling me that money doesn’t grow on trees. I believed them but not anymore, because I do have one at my house. Money does grow on trees. You don’t believe me? I will explain it plainly to you. Where does paper come from?

Put that aside: Every person on the planet has his or her own unique money tree: Path to economic and financial freedom. It is just that most people do not know that their own money tree does actually exist. My money tree affords me the privilege of never feeling that I have to work to get money.

How did I find out about my money tree? I will tell you: I started by interrogating myself with a series of questions. I asked myself what I was passionate about. Once I had articulated my passion, I then started working on it and around it to identify ways in which I could make a business out of it. I then started to imagine what type of products or services I could sell.

If you would want to learn more on how you can identify your own money tree, why not team up with me on 7th October as I expound it further to many others on the same journey at the Not Ashamed event. Check out the details on the e-poster at the upcoming events tab. Purpose to attend and I guarantee that you will glad you did.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 08:54

Become Finacilally Literate

Written by

Do you find yourself having more ‘month’ at the end of your money? Whom would you become if that ‘story’ ceased to be part of your life again? Most of all money problems that people have, actually tend to be a ‘thinking problem'. If you really want your financial dreams to become a reality and gain financial control, then you must become conscious about your money.

You must first identify your limiting beliefs about money and make a firm commitment, from the depth of your heart, that you will endeavour to have the life you desire without worrying if it's possible or not. Do you have a financial plan in place? What is your income to debt ratio? How much wealth do you want? 

Purpose to attend the October Edition of a high-level life transforming inspirational session we call ‘NOT ASHAMED’. It is going to be an insightful session that will show you how to earn big money. After attending this session, I guarantee that you will begin to see problems and challenges in life as exciting puzzles that you should profitably and productively solve. You will be transformed attitudinally and liberated creatively. You will become enormously more knowledgeable professional, entrepreneur, businessman or woman in making the money connection. You will be grateful that you came. Come and catalyse your life. Confirm your attendance through the Facebook page: @NotAshamedMovement

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 08:40

Awakening the entrepreneur within you

Written by

75% of the Kenyan society comprises of people below the age of 35 years. Unfortunately about 65% of those are unemployed. This problem is compounded further by the fact that every year, approximately 500,000 Kenyan youth join the labour market. There is absolutely no logic why people should go to school, colleges and universities and finally graduate only to add to the shocking statistics of joblessness in the country.

The youth lack opportunities, avenues, and platforms to produce. Our urban and inner cities today reveal overwhelming evidence of apathy, anger, hopelessness, helplessness and disconnect amongst the youth. The high crime rates mostly by armed youth gangs is now the price we are paying for this cycle of hopelessness and helplessness. There is an urgent need for revolutionary solutions to confront the staggering statistics of unemployed youths.

It is incumbent upon us to do something to arrest the situation. What if there is a way to create new wealth and reduce unemployment by 40%, 45%, 50%, 60% or more? Imagine the impact that this would have in our economy. Wouldn’t an entire generation of young people be profitably engaged?  

I am stepping in with an empowerment program to help the young people; pointing them to a new path of social-economic empowerment. Solving the unemployment problem by helping and preparing young people for life through a transformative socio economic empowerment program. The aim is to equip the youth to begin seeing themselves in a way that they have not been able to see themselves before: Becoming a practical person in a real world enabling them to translate dreams and ideas into workable solutions and/or businesses.

This is an open invitation for you to attend our monthly life transforming inspirational session we call ‘Not Ashamed’. In the September Edition, I will speaking on how anyone can build a business without any experience and without any capital: Transforming dreams and ideas into workable business models. The place to be on 7th  October from 2pm is Delta Hotel, along University way, opposite Central Police station at the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.  You don’t want to miss out on this.

Wednesday, 02 August 2017 11:19

How to be happy from the inside

Written by

You should never attempt to compare yourself with others except for the purposes of bench marking and learning from what they have accomplished based on their knowledge and skill level. Regardless of your current status in life, occupation or level of achievement; learn to accept yourself and be glad to be you. Never depend on other people’s opinion of you to feel worth. Make a ‘thank you’ list of things, milestones and achievements that you are proud of.

Monday, 17 July 2017 12:08

Power in your mouth

Written by

There was a young boy whose mother had hidden some candy eggs over Easter festivity period. She had promised him that the candy eggs were somewhere in the living room but he had to find them. So he began to look for them first under the chair at the corner, then under the couch, then behind the table, under the rug and behind the seat cushions. As he searched, his mother would prompt him saying; ‘Clark, you are getting near, you are getting very near, opps! Now you are far away’ etc. Clark kept searching for quite a while periodically getting close and then further away but he just couldn’t find those Easter eggs.

Feeling a little disappointed, he indignantly put his arms akimbo looking up at his mother. She exclaimed, ‘Clark you are very close, you are real close!’ Surprised, he looked down, only to see that his hands were near his slightly agape coat pockets. He thrust his hands into his pockets and there were the candy eggs-right in his coat pockets.

Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:54

Happy Marriages

Written by

Some years back, I had an interesting conversation with a man who had come to me seeking counsel concerning his ailing marriage relationship with his wife of more than fifteen years. He complained that over the years, his wife, once a joyous and a highly spirited girl had changed into a dull, apathetic woman who only performed her duties like a robot. He narrated how he felt frustrated and distant from his wife because she had not kept pace with him. According to him, she had become narrow instead of growing broader and keener as the years past.

To cut the long story short, when I later met him together with his wife, I discovered that this man was squarely to blame but it never occurred to him that he was at fault. Over the years, he had been indifferent and hostile towards the hopes and ambitions his wife’s had before they got married. He discouraged her from growing to the full stature of her womanhood. The bitterness of her disappointment crushed her spirit and she lost her buoyancy and enthusiasm in life.

If as a husband you have been trying to cramp your wife’s natural expression of her ambition, or sneers at, nags and criticizes her for seeking to bring out the sacred thing which the Creator has given her, then you deserve all the unhappiness that is likely to come to your home.  

Monday, 10 July 2017 07:40

Activating your self

Written by

The natural law of growth teaches us a lot about life and spiritual things. A grain of wheat, or any other seed, in the wrong environment will never grow. But when it is given the right conditions, it will not only grow but will also reproduce thousands of bushels of wheat through replanting the seeds after each successive harvest.

In the year 1922, an English archeologist discovered an extremely elaborate pyramid-tomb completely intact where the famous Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tutank Hamon had been buried about 1357 B.C. In this grave was discovered among other treasurable things, honey, wheat and corn. Curious to see what would happen after 3,279 years, the archeologist planted the wheat and corn seeds on the fertile ground along the Nile River. Interestingly, within the normal maturation period, a rich harvest of wheat and corn sprang up-a harvest from seeds of over 3000 years old.

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